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Wellness Exams

Just like us, our pets need check-ups too! Preventative care makes sure your pet is healthy and illnesses can be caught early.


Spays & Neuters

Often refered to as "desexing," spays (for female pets) and neuters (for male pets) are another way to keep your pet healthy.


Worms, Fleas & Ticks

These common parasites are harmful to your pet's health and well being.  Is your pet protected?


Make sure your pet is up to date on the vaccinations that will help keep them healthy!



Learn what to expect from your pet's surgery, how to prepare and after care.

An ID for your pet! If your pet is brought to a shelter or veterinarian they can be scanned, identified and returned to you!


Dental Care

Make those pearly white teeth shine and help prevent bad breath!


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